The Hospital Italiano of Buenos Aires and the technological Institute of the city are using virtual reality to bone cancer surgery. A Simulator allows you to test before the operation and guide the surgeon during the procedure with precision and safety.

Virtual reality to operate cancer bone

Using a scenario of reality virtual, developed in Argentina, them equipment medical of the Hospital Italian and the Institute technology located in Buenos Aires performed a simulation interactive and three-dimensional of the condition to replace it planning Presurgical conventional.

The system is able to combine images taken by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to get a details of the tumor which is necessary to operate. Thus, the surgeon rehearses in an environment virtual how will be the intervention, defining the features of the tumor, planning them steps to follow and, if outside necessary, select of a Bank of bones of donor what is precise rebuild.

Another advantage of this system of simulation virtual is that allows leverage best them tissues that is saved for the transplants. To organize this Bank of data digitized the information of more than 50 pieces of donor and developed a version virtual of this repository. Thus, when to transplant parts are searchable by dimensions and morphology of the bone to replace. And to facilitate the search developed an algorithm that is responsible for this process in the virtual bank.

As a GPS

When it comes the time of the intervention, the surgeon has a surgical Navigator, which contains the mapping of the area to treat, to carry out the process which already rehearsed beforehand. This contributes to the surgery a greater accuracy and safety, avoiding many risks.

This system completely changes the paradigm of the surgery. While interventions are usually planned with two-dimensional images, this solution allows to plan and execute the surgery in three dimensions. At least in rigid, such as bones or the cerebral cortex tissues (in this case, only if it's a tumor that will not change position or form).

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By • 9 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Bless you, Simulation

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