Under the slogan The right product at the right place, Sennheiser has developed a model of selective distribution that includes distributors, wholesalers, subsidiaries and associated companies.

Selective Distribution Program Sennheiser

Get a quality distribution, that is the objective that has been marked Sennheiser When it comes to implementing its new model of selective distribution, which seeks to create a network of specific partners in Europe.

The project counts on the support and commitment of Magnetron, exclusive distributor of Sennheiser in Spain, to guarantee its implementation underway. Under the slogan The right product at the right placethe German firm has developed a model that offers its members advantages and a stability that guarantees the success of its business operations in the long term, in addition to providing a quality service to end users.

The manufacturer has established formulas that promote a series of benefits that only encourage companies associated to the distribution. Identical throughout Europe, premises which are based on these quality standards focuses on achieving a meticulous market presence, increase sales and margins of distributors, it positions as loam of high-end and obtain legal protection against unfair trade.

Sennheiser MomentumAdvantages and guarantees

In the case of Spain, the process of selection of the associated companies be held from Magnetron. Once the selection has been made, this shall be formalized through a contract that will give the company a personal code of accreditation and authenticity. In this way, it certifies the high quality of this associated company and is incorporated into an international database called network of companies associated authorized Sennheiser.

This new distribution policy also translates into significant advantages for the end customer getting professional and specialized advice, in addition to know that the product you purchased is original.

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By • 9 May, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Audio, Business

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