The London Bar Salceda has created a different, sophisticated and fun atmosphere, and this has been possible thanks to the creative design of LED lights installed Insensé.

London Bar iluminado con Insense

The London Bar Salceda (Pontevedra) has created a totally unique environment where creative lighting plays a leading role to harmonize with the furniture and stay.

The design of the luminaire has been borne by the company InSense I chose to use the line waves to decorate your interior. These are structures formed by sequentially flat pieces placed vertically and horizontally to draw a wavy irregular surface. Structures hide the light source and serve as diffusor.

London Bar iluminado con InsenseThe central part of the local bar revolves around, especially on the wall which precedes shown wherein a surface shaped to accommodate gapped L bottles. Its structure is irregularly shaped with curved incoming and outgoing. And to give an appealing and attractive lighting has made a very decorative plant with LED modules forming a matrix type display 15 x 34 pixels.

At the bottom of the bar, in an area of ​​sofas, there is located an area with four coffee tables featuring original analog LED lighting modules that are hidden in the millings at the bottom of each horizontal piece illuminating each cell.

Insense waveFinally, the input he has provided with a coaster five meters long where it has chosen to use digital lighting that is disposed along the upper corner of the wall and making an orientation of 45 degrees to the structure.
And to complete this original set of lights and possible change colors and effects that will make changing harmonically with music, it has been placed in a computer control center so that the DJ can play with lights.

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By • 10 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Lighting

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