The system of e-commerce customer for web Vee24, distributed in Spain by Conteam Gruppe, provides personalized communication and direct user to improve your shopping experience and increase sales.

Developed in the UK, consultancy and online brand strategy Gruppe Account distribute and implement exclusively on the Iberian Peninsula Vee24, An advanced customer e-commerce website that provides for real communication and direct user to enhance their experience.

it is dependent online and real help the user perform product searches, co-browse the web with it or provides additional information without requiring software downloads or provide data to connect telephone.

Vee24 technology, which is operating in several e-commerce relevant national and international companies such as Audi, is based on an advanced system that 'humanizes' the web, with a direct and emotional communication with the buyer.

The aid process is completely online, so the momentum is not lost engagement with high quality system. It has two modes of communication: via chat or video-chat high resolution.

The system puts a dependent online on the web, a real person of flesh and blood, which provides information and advice that the user needs to provide the most suitable product, ie, acts as staff to the public in real time, so that increases effectiveness of the website as a sales channel.

Another advantage of Vee24 is the increased conversion rate user client, since in projects in UK, Germany and USA and the UK, this parameter has increased up to 300%.

Isabel Romero says, CEO of Conteam Gruppe, "many companies make investments to attract users to the web, why not invest in tools that make more effective sales, which remain well catered for on the web and thus increase user satisfaction and purchasing volume? ".

This solution offers a "new brand experience and better service 'says Romero. The online channel has to be seen as a key selling point in the sales strategy of the company, even as the most important: open 24 × 7, and the chances are much greater traffic. "

The data bear this out, as the e-commerce has been the sales channel that has grown in Spain, with more than 5,000 million billed only in the first quarter of 2012, according to the study by Professor José Luis Nueno, ESADE . However, the main problem of online shopping is the lack of personalized attention, and that 62% of users abandon their purchase intent not finding the desired information.

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By • 10 May, 2013
• Section: Display, Business, Simulation

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