Arthur Holm has available the new motorized system for DynamicTal microphones for meeting rooms, with a translucent ring Led to indicate its status.

DynamicTalk Arthur Holm

Mark Arthur Holm has developed DynamicTalk, a system motorized for microphones that incorporates a ring translucent illuminated using Led in its inside to indicate the State of them themselves.

Dynamic Talk Arthur HolmThis system has a retractable mechanism fast, quiet and reliable, easy to install both in new tables as already existing, which is controlled remotely via RS-422 or GPI.

DynamicTalk It is available in three standard versions for microphones gooseneck short, medium or long, with XLR connector. In addition, your cover is customizable to integrate plates of them different manufacturers of systems of audio conferencing.

This system allows hide the microphone in the inside of them tables and has of a ring light that appears in the base of the same when is raises e indicates when a lecturer is prepared to intervene or when is activated for talk.

Arthur Holm RepsolThe microphones work in PA mode with a button on the top cover that allows you to mute or unmute the microphone, while the LED light ring indicates the status changing color, red or green; and in Conference mode or when the microphone is always active and both the control and the light ring are available in a GPI / GPO connector.

The microphones are perfectly protected when they are not needed and the table is free of any intrusive element and can be used for other applications. DynamicTalk is ready to be connected and controlled by a system of standard conferences.

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By • 13 May, 2013
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Control

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