ProKNX is a gateway that allows the integration of KNX installations with other audio and video platform. Displays all the information needed to control all circuits, heaters, lighting ...

BitWise with ProKNX

The catwalk ProKNX manufacturer of the same name is now available to integrate with BitWise and display all the information in a customizable graphical interface, teams that make up an installation with KNX technology. Thus, lighting, motors ... can form a set with the volume of audio or video servers. The KNX installations under the standard offer greater safety and contribute to energy saving and environmental protection, since you can get up to 50% savings on lighting and heating.

Two integration options

There are two options available integration: ProKNX-BWC and ProKNX-rti. Both are easy to integrate with templates and free examples showing how to perform the integration.

El gateway ProKNX-bwc está diseñado para integrar instalaciones de KNX junto con todos los equipos audiovisuales, de distribución de vídeo (como HDanywhere), distribución de audio (como Russound)… en una única aplicación que se puede visionar desde un ordenador, portátil o móvil; sin pagar licencias adicionales ni tener que salir de una aplicación para entrar a otra. El interface se puede personalizar según las necesidades del usuario y del integrador.

The ProKNX-rti gateway allows integrating any installation of KNX within any interface RTI (wall displays, controls with touch screens, applications for iOS and Android ...) and turn the option to run actions from KNX is offered on items controlled pro RTI.

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By • 13 May, 2013
• Section: Audio, Control, Lighting, Infrastructure

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