Panasonic has expanded its offer of solutions of safety with two new systems of protection against fire: EBL512 G3 and EBL 128, designed both for large installations as for applications individual.

Panasonic intelligent system fire

Intelligent fire protection systems Panasonic EBL512 G3 and EBL 128 incorporate features of diagnostics and detect any failure that occurs in the electrical installation.

The system EBL512 G3 is capable of connecting 30.600 devices through 30 with four loop detection control panels each, while the EBL128 is a self-contained, smaller computer that can connect up to 255 devices. The two systems are connected through TCP/IP via Web server module.

These teams can add additional components within the system, such as panels of firefighters and other monitoring units, that can be connected to each control. Fire alarm systems has also been integrated into virtual WV - ASC970 matrix so that fire detectors and cameras are part of the safety system to increase the speed of response and effectiveness.

Devices sirens, may be used in any combination of analog detectors smoke and heat, outdoor, intrinsically safe, in directional, insulating hand short-circuits doorphones, beacons...

Self-diagnosis, compensation and interactivity

Panasonic detector base 2324EBL512 G3 and EBL128 of PSCEU models are designed to deal with possible system failures through a combination of intelligent control units and sensors smart, able to perform Diagnostics, compensation for pollution and maintaining the interactivity of the systems.

The function of self-diagnosis detects any deviation of the condition normal of operation of them elements electronic and of the stay, while the function of interactivity uses information, already is of one or of a series of detectors within the system, to provide a detection more safe of a fire real.

Panasonic intelligent system anti fire-2The compensation of pollution runs through detectors monitored individually, which allows long-term changes, such as pollution, are treated differently to short-term changes, as might be the smoke from a fire latent, which ensures that the sensitivity of each smoke detector remains constant.

In addition, analog detectors used within systems provide information, free of noise, control panel on the appearance of smoke and / or temperature changes in the installation.

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By • 13 May, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Control, General, Security

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