The new dimmers of Jung are part of the European Ledotron project to facilitate the digital regulation of lighting and energy savings in installations with Led systems and low consumption.

The multinational Jung It has available new dimmers (dimmers) forming part of the European digital standard of energy efficiency called project Ledotron, regulation facilities in middle and small which allows to maintain the existing wiring.

Them lamps incandescent are being replaced by lamps Led or of low consumption, with reactance included and thread E 27 or E 14, while these lamps not is can regular with dimmers of Court of phase (designed for the old halogen) and the light flashes, is breakdown before and it installation electric suffers incidents.

To avoid this, new dimmers Ledotron communicate with lamp (with integrated control electronics) through the network of electricity, so we must not replace the existing installation wiring.

The Ledotron dimmers facilitate the regulation of lighting, color changes if the lamps permit; with simple installation and immediate and adapted to current regulations, without programming or presetting, among other advantages operation.

These dimmers Ledotron can be integrated into systems KNX type control, such as terminal field element to control a lamp previously controlled by a regulator phase cut, which facilitates control of lamps Ledotron by remote control, screen touch and other automation or domotic elements.

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By • 13 May, 2013
• Section: Lighting

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