The Philips LED lighting and Automation control system marked a special character to the design that has been implemented in the offices of HM Value.

HM Value Office lighting Philips

Advertising, Marketing and public relations HM Value Agency wanted to offices that combine design and technology, where energy efficiency to be present but is offered a comfortable atmosphere that was able to capture the attention of visitors. To do so decided to create spaces differentiated where the lighting plays a role protagonist.

To achieve this goal we opted to implement technology LED's Philips combined with its lighting control systems.

HM Value Philips Lighting meeting roomThe room of meetings and the office main feature of luminaires Daywaves suspended, adjustable in intensity and warmth of light, what allows create different environments adapting is to the activity that is perform.

For the lighting general is have used systems Dayzones regulated automatically in the area of work and the room of training. Furthermore, common areas have moulding with color to be able to adapt them according to needs, allowing you to adjust lighting and change the color of the different rooms with their corporate colors.

Another feature that characterizes the office of HM Value is the use of home automation systems that integrate lighting with other facilities. Using a touch screen you can manage changes color, on or off the lights and even the launch of default in the meeting room scenes.

Value HM office with Philips luminairesIt is also possible to manage and control from a single centralized point all facilities. Systems all workspaces office (lighting, color, music, temperature, projections ...) can be customized independently giving them full management autonomy.

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By • 14 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Lighting

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