The surveillance system Digital Video Manager (DVM) R500 Honeywell helps improve security operations, threat detection and forensic operations with intelligent diagnosis.

DVM R500

The latest edition of digital surveillance system closed circuit television, Digital Video Manager (DVM) R500 Honeywell sets new standards in operational efficiency, value and performance with intelligent diagnostic, forensic search capabilities and enhanced integration with access control.

Honeywell DVM R500One of the most visible improvements DVM R500 is its new user interface, designed with a more intuitive and quick navigation to reduce response times in situations that endanger the safety and training costs.

DVM R500 incorporates intelligent diagnostic modules that analyze system operations to help security operators to quickly process the activity reports, run diagnostics and check system performance and system status.

Así lo explica uno de los clientes de DVM, el museo de Arte nuevo y antiguo de Hobart (Australia), en palabras de su responsable de seguridad, Ken Yildiran: “se trata de uno de los sistemas más dinámicos y fáciles de utilizar que he visto. El análisis y los informes que normalmente llevarían entre cuatro y cinco horas se realizan en cuestión de minutos, de manera que los operarios pueden centrarse en otras labores críticas”.

Honeywell DVM R500The new recording and playback capabilities, along with the new interface, help security personnel to quickly locate potential threats and to react quickly. In addition, by having different views coordinated in time, these tools reduce the time forensic investigation.

Some features of DVM R500 are synchronized and instant playback of various chambers; Search motion detection in a selected area and marked for review, and displacer of images to quickly locate incidents and critical footage.

DVM R500 is also an integral component of Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), a management system of buildings integrates all the elements of a security solution, including video, access control and intrusion detection.

EBI provides the user with a single point of access to all information and essential resources to monitor, manage and protect a single facility or multiple locations, providing greater visibility and foresight to security managers.

Paul Orzeske, president of Honeywell Building Solutions, "DVM R500 helps users identify and resolve potential problems before they cause problems or damage, all while increasing ease of use and operational efficiency."

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By • 16 May, 2013
• Section: Security

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