The supplier of optical projection screens dnp denmark comes to InfoComm 2013 edition with important developments in optical display systems for both front and rear projection, as the Supernova Flex Classic 170 system. "

dnp denmark SupernovaDnp denmark will show their innovations at InfoComm 2013, which takes place from 12 to 14 June in Orlando, (in booth 2858) with a Supernova Flex Classic system 170 ", which will be sold later this year and the fourth generation 100 "this system.

A ello se suman los modelos Infinity Supernova de 165” HG23; Supernova Mobile de 80” y los sistemas expuestos en ISE 2013 a principios de año: InvisiBezel, un Supernova Blade de 110” y un Supernova STS de 92”.

DNP denmark InvisiBezelJesse Walsh, sales and marketing manager of the company in the United States, "this second generation of Supernova HG23 high gain film offers no optical anomaly screens normally associated with this type explains. In fact, its horizontal viewing angle of ½ gain is the best in the industry. With a gain of 2.3, the film HG23 is diseñadapara provide the same optical performance with 08-85 Supernova ISF Certified film ".

The fourth generation of the dnp Supernova Flex retractable motorized screen, certified as the previous system, incorporates a new motor and controller which can be seen in this audiovisual event.

Supernova Blade es una versión ultradelgada y sin marcos que ofrece una pantalla más plana y continua en instalaciones, disponible en formatos de 100, 110 y 120”, con una relación de aspecto de 16:9. Este modelo puede instalarse montado en la pared, con un efecto de “una ventana en el mundo” o suspendida en el techo “como si flotara en el aire”, recalcan desde dnp, especialmente indicadas para tiendas en las que el espacio es un elemento vital.

dnp denmark SupernovaCompatible with all major manufacturers of LCD screens, such as LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and NEC, the InvisiBezel system developed by dnp denmark is an optical front cover that can be mounted on top of standard LCD panels.

The edges are prisms extending optically pixels on the edge of the liquid crystal panel so that conceal the bezel. As a result, InvisiBezel provides a viewing experience almost one piece, while protecting the panel from scratches. At InfoComm this system will be displayed through an LCD display 46 panels, 2 × 2 configuration.

Finally, dnp will showcase the new STS Supernova, a front projection screen only incorporating a structure Fresnel lens, an optical technology used to focus the projected light and pass straight to the viewers line, which optimizes production projectors ultra short range and new display possibilities.

STS Supernova is particularly suitable when the projector is mounted directly on the wall (or projector short arm) and projected onto the screen from a steep angle in areas where space is limited or the projector can not be mounted on ceiling.

dnp denmark Supernova

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By • 16 May, 2013
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