The Somni has been the most transgressive and avant-garde event that has been staged in Barcelona. A banquet-opera that twelve people gathered around a creative audiovisual show, whose engineering project was the work of Unitecnic.

The Dream (Dream Photo)

Opera and gastronomy have merged in the event held in early May in Barcelona: the Somni. A multidisciplinary experience designed by Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca brothers (The Séller de Can Roca), with the cooperation of the City of Barcelona, ​​and produced by MediaPro y Franc Aleu.

Como escenario se eligió el Arts Santa Mónica donde se reunió a doce comensales para que fueran espectadores de este banquete-opera representado en doce actos (con sus doce platos correspondientes). Las obras de músicos, poetas, pintores, compositores, cantantes y creadores audiovisuales de todo el mundo confluyeron alrededor de una cena, donde se combinó la videocreación, el arte y la gastronomía.

The dinner was held in a multimedia dome where the table where twelve guests sat was. The table was round, 240 cm in diameter, and under the tablecloth a speaker system where the sound of the images projected onto its surface was emitted was installed. Around four envelopes screens projecting images enhanced by the speakers that created an atmosphere full of emotions creating an innovative artistic experience.

The engineering project of this transgressive experiment was carried out by Unitecnic who was responsible for the implementation of the systems and structure projection and image servers that were needed for the staging of this opera transmedia, El Somni.

The Dream (Dream Photo)overhead projection

On the table of diners, Unitecnic installed a specific structure for the overhead projection, composed of six projectors signature Casio, Making a mapping. This was reinforced by blending and warping effects.

The overhead projection was performed in synchronization with four envelopes projections on curved screens offering an immersive effect on the table.

Visual projections, staged in El Somni, reinforced with a complex surround audio system consists of several speakers located above each screen and audio monitors embedded in the table. In this way, diners could hear the different sounds that ambientaba images wrapped.

In the environment cenitales video cameras, through techniques of image processing, detected movements of the hands of the diners and turned the image into an interactive element responding to the actions that were performed during dinner were also arranged.

6 Acto Dream (Dream Photo)To control all audiovisual systems, Unitecnic designed a computing platform that was responsive to the needs of the project. This platform was composed of servers responsible for the management and calculation of interactive systems, automatic control and manual timeline of execution of the event, as well as the rendering of graphic elements and reproduction of all content HD (1920 × 1080).


In order that this event can become itinerant, an important part of the performed engineering focused on structuring and designing systems so they can be transported around the world and make both assembly and disassembly is easy in any environment.

The 12 guests

The Somni with twelve people (Photo El Somni)

Among the guests the chef Ferran Adrià, the narrator-poet and essayist Rafael Argullol, artist Miquel Barcelo, the anthropologist Joël Candau, the researcher Bonaventura Clotet, actress and film director Nandita Das, the expert in haptic Abderrahmane Kheddar was , the scientist Ben Lehner, the American writer Harold Mcgee, actress Freida Pinto, the conductor Josep Pons and physical Lisa Randall.

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By • 16 May, 2013
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