From 5 to 8 June, Valladolid becomes the seat of the City Under Microscope, an event that will show the world what this pucelana city through its lighting systems.

Valladolid city lighting

After the implementation of various technological projects, Valladolid has become an international benchmark for SmartCityLighting and next June will become the headquarters of the City Under Microscope organized by LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International).

With this event, LUCI intended to be an exchange of information at national and international level, among those involved in this field, in addition to disclosing the different techniques that are being launched in urban environments.

This year, Valladolid has become the headquarters of the City Under Microscope and will promote your city using their lighting systems as a marketing tool. a series of conferences will be held for the participant to discover the lighting design, innovative and sustainable city, which technology has been implemented to make it more sustainable and energy efficient city.

This city has been awarded the city.people.light LUCI /Philips and it is considered a benchmark in what intelligent cities in the field of lighting is concerned. Sustainable lighting systems implementation and development of Philips LumiMotion, based on LED technology has allowed energy savings of 44.5%

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By • 17 May, 2013
• Section: Events, Lighting

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