The new experience of Eaton in Cleveland (Ohio) Center has been built combining art and technology AV, whose head can be seen in the large lamp built with an LED screen that there is located in the lobby.

Centro de Experiencia Eaton en Cleveland

The idea and technological design of the new centre of Eaton experience in Cleveland has been designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA), but the project's engineering and installation has been commissioned the firm Electrosonic.

When the visitor enters East building Eaton feels trapped by the great candlestick that floats over their heads. Is a piece made by Traxon with its Imagic Weave technology. It is built with a weave of mesh LED 53-foot-high cylinder wrapped by 12 diameter. This mesh combined with a stainless steel spider LED systems that form a whole which emits bright colors and that can be programmed to emit different effects through a driver shows of Medialon.

According to Bryan Vogel, project director of Electrosonic, confirms "the spider was a unique project that took two years of work, since the netting had to build it section by section, piece by piece".

In the lobby is also a 80-foot curtain wall composed of Traxon Imagic Weave and transparent LED nodes. Nodes show a video signal that is output from the AV equipment room

They also highlight the four interactive screens 65 inch, located on a table-kiosk. These high-quality screens offer Mitsubishi LCDs that have been modified by Cyber Touch to offer capabilities that needed to at the Center.

Cleveland Eaton Centre includes:

• Twelve animated illustrations in 3D

• Four 65-inch interactive multi-touch tables

• A curtain (80 × 14 feet) LED with abstract or natural landscapes and views of data

• Una lámpara LED brillante de 53 pies que complementa las animaciones de la cortina LED.

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By • 21 May, 2013
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Display, Distribution signals, Lighting

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