In the event Earpro LED Show, that is celebrated in Madrid the last 8 of mayo, is could see the screens more innovative of the brand Leyard.

EarPro LED Show Madrid

With the idea of approaching the user range of LED screens that sells, EarPro It was organized in Madrid Showroom space, on May 8 in Madrid, one of the largest exhibitions of LED screens performed in Spain, square meters (40 m² of screens in operation), both in variety and technology of the exposed equipment.

The exhibition space was divided into thematic areas, depending on the type of LED display and its possible applications: rental, retail, auditoriums, control rooms, hotels... A forum that highlighted by his character professional and to which came as visitors more than 50 companies. For it put underway of this day, Earpro counted with the collaboration of the companies sound you and Power AV.

In the event Earpro LED Show is could see live them last models of screens that make up the range of Leyard: models indoor and outdoor, with pitch from 10 mm up to so only 1.9 mm for any type of application. Also the display A5 was of Absen, a good solution for rental, both from the point of view electronic as mechanical.

Among the teams that were exposed LED screens indoor TV1, 9 (1.9 mm pitch) and TV2, 5 (pitch of 2.5 mm, exposed display of 2.80 x 1, 80 m for a total of 42 modules) of Leyard. Is is of screens with pitch very reduced, maximum quality in reproduction of images of high resolution and the latest technology.

EarPro LED Show simulation with TV4Attendees also enjoyed the image of the model quality indoor Leyard TV4 (pitch of 4mm, exposed display of 3.20 x 1, 80 m for a total of 48 modules), thanks to mounting made using a simulator Drive SEAT, where it was possible to manage a powerful car of this brand through a virtual steering wheel. This line of screens is especially designed for installations as auditoriums or halls of control.

The LED display outdoorLeyard NV8 (pitch 8mm, 3.84 x 2.40 m for a total of 30 modules) arose flown in a structure in H, facility that was intended to make it clear that this series is also ideal for fixed installations. It's a team that is light and easy to handle, with very simple anchorage system and that, moreover, allows extract modules from the front without having to access the back of the screen.

Also highlighted in the exhibition model indoor RV6 Leyard (pitch of 6 mm, 1, 44 m x 1.42 m, 8 modules), intended for both retail applications such as storefronts, and the outdoor LED display SLV10 (10 mm pitch) with 3 modules exposed.

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By • 22 May, 2013
• Section: Display, Events

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