The International School of Hotel Management Les Roches Marbella (Málaga) has incorporated the Layar augmented reality application for students, teachers and visitors to take an interactive exploration of the campus.

Les Roches Marbella

The augmented reality technology has been incorporated for the first time in Spain, the activity of a business school, specifically Les Roches MarbellaSpecializing in training managers in high hotel management business whose campus is located in the Costa del Sol in Marbella.

It is an initiative aimed at students, teachers and visitors in order to know the latest technologies and can perform an interactive exploration of all school facilities through the application of mobile augmented reality Layar.

This app scans and detects the digital information available about the user in real time on the actual image through the camera of a mobile smarphone (Android and iPhone), which Screen called 'layer', each of which can offer different services and interactive experiences, 3D objects and guided, as in the case of Les Roches visits.

In this case, the project augmented reality includes the 'Room lab division', which shows the room of a top class hotel with all its elements, thus creating an interactive space that enables students to understand the entire maintenance process .

Les Roches MarbellaAnother interactive tours is the 'Demo office', an environment that recreates the reception of a hotel, incorporating all its features and technological innovations, as well as various locations dedicated to the restoration (El Olivo, Marché, Café Bistro) and various applications pedagogical and methodological.

Software Layar is available for free and allows students, teachers or visitors placed with their smartphone to those places and spaces of the campus, as mentioned, that have pictures with the identifying logo of Layar to explore and enjoy interactive content the installations.

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By • 22 May, 2013
• Section: Business, Augmented reality

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