The Navarrese company Mahei Innovation and Imaginarium are collaborating together since year and a half ago to develop products based in reality augmented and applicable to the education and entertainment.

Priecto Mahei e Imaginarium

The first project, the fruit of the collaboration between Mahei Innovation Imaginarium was developed in December 2012 under the name of imagine and the latter have launched is called Movement. Two examples of augmented reality applications applied to business and marketing.

Imagine was aimed to promote reading among children and its aim was to achieve that books will come to life to approach them with one of the tablet, which sells the toy firm. Through 3D animations the protagonist of the book and its emerging on the tablet as if they came out of the book. The application was able to interact with physical toys, so entering a radius of toy in front of the camera, this was beginning to sound and the protagonist of the story of the child began to dance. Also he endowed the app from another target that children focused and the protaonista walked around the store.

Mahei Imaginarium MovementUn proyecto que logró incrementar las ventas y servir de reclamo publicitario en las tiendas de Imaginarium.
Por su parte, Movement busca acabar con el inmovilismo de los pequeños que se pasan horas sentados delante de una pantalla. El objetivo de la nueva Apps, que ofrece tres minijuegos y que ha desarrollado Mahe, es que los niños se muevan por la casa o salgan al exterior en lugar de jugar sentados. Movement ha sido lanzado en más de 15 países y traducido al español, inglés, italiano y portugués.

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By • 24 May, 2013
• Section: Augmented reality, Simulation

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