Panasonic has expanded its line of three-chip DLP projectors with four new models: PT-DW11, PT-DS12 and PT-DZ13K, PT-DZ10.

Panasonic PT-DW11K

Tras la presentación del proyector PT-DZ21, que ofrece 20.000 lumenes y está pensado para grandes espacios, Panasonic It has joined its family of equipment DLP 3-chip models PT-ds12us, PT-DW11 and PT-DZ10, that the PT-DZ13K joins with multi resolution support.

This range of Panasonic three-chip DLP projectors offer a set of features innovative, ideal for professionals in sectors such as rental, scenarios, and entertainment.

They are designed with a compact housing that offers great image quality and brightness, being the lightest of all the PT-DZ13K. The brightness that these teams provide 12,000 lumens for the latter and the PT-DS12K, goes 11,000 lumens for the PT-DW11K and 10,600 lumens for the PT-DZ10K.

Features that present this line of Panasonic projectors teams is the system of dual lamp with Lamp Relay mode, which allows constant operation and avoid the interruption in the event of failure of one of the lamps; geometric adjustment for projection on surfaces spherical, cylindrical and other forms curved (in the PT-DZ13K, PT-DS12K models), the compatilibilidad mode Portrair and memory function of the objectives, which allows you to retrieve the size of projection, displacement and focus/zoom position settings.

Los proyectores PT-DS12, PT-DW11, PT-DZ10 y PT-DZ13K tienen un ciclo de sustitución de la lámpara de hasta 2.500 horas y un bajo consumo de electricidad de 1.000 w. Asimismo, también incorporan la función Edge Blending y Color Matching.
Por último, los modelos DS12K y DW11K disponen de capacidad de proyección 3D activa.

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By • 24 May, 2013
• Section: Projection

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