Indra has put his experience in the field of health in the service of the 'Sahel' project (Satellite African eHealth validation), which aims to support the implementation and expansion of telemedicine services viable in Africa through the integrated use of ICT and satellite technology.

Sahel project

'Sahel' is an initiative that is managed from the Agency Space European (ESA) and co-financed by the European Commission for sub-Saharan Africa, where Indra He contributes his experience of telemedicine, with services such as digital medical history, diagnosis and training of health professionals.

Thanks to this project has been able to define and implement a pilot that connects the remote areas of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa with hospitals and medical centers of excellence.

Indra TelemedThis is the first step for the configuration of an integral system of tele-health (eHealth) that includes services of telemedicine, epidemic control and continuous training of health personnel, as basic pillars upon which other future services are structured.

A consortium of companies and organizations, led by EADS CASA, has been the Manager of carry to out this initiative in which Indra has participated implementing its platform of telemedicine Telemed and its system of information health Health Network.

In the Consortium helped SES ASTRA (Luxembourg) in the definition of the service and the provision of fixed satellite broadband access; the Université Numérique Francophone des Sciences of the santé et du Sport (UNF3S), that provides the content medical of distance learning in French; and NGO African medicating Research Foundation (AMREF), that provides content in English of eLearning.

Experience and technologies will be at the service of the own AMREF, a centre of excellence based in Kenya in the development of health services in Africa; and of Le Kinkeliba, a NGO that works in the area of the health in Senegal East from makes more than fifteen years.

Indra TelemedIndra Health Network and Telemed

Indra in 'Sahel' collaboration is based on the implementation of its health management Health Network and Telemed system, a platform for modular management and adaptive envelope that different services can be jointed.

This system allows the remote diagnosis as part of health services, providing assistance in real time to the staff for the resolution of clinical pictures with the help of specialists.

Add to this the service of digital history, which facilitates many of the tasks associated with lent and the follow-up of the patient, health care because that also health programmes geared to priority needs in sub-Saharan Africa (maternal, child health) can be designed.

Sahel logoThis service promotes the generation of epidemiological reports, monitoring of diseases, and the creation of statistics for internal use, to facilitate the monitoring and control of the diseases more devastating for the people of these regions (malaria, tuberculosis, HIV).

The platform includes a service of e-Learning for continuous training of health professionals in rural environments, with courses of the most in-demand specialties, seminars online, etc. provided by AMREF and UMVF.

Pilots in Senegal and Kenya

Indra TelemedThe 'Sahel' pilot has been implemented in three primary and secondary care in Kenya and Senegal, connecting them to centres of reference in both countries: the Nairobi's Kenyatta National hospital, and the African Centre for telemedicine in Dakar, respectively.

Thanks to the 'Sahel' platform doctors in rural centers and remote areas can apply directly helps specialists referral centers. ELearning service improves the preparation of medical personnel in these areas.

The results of the project 'Sahel' represent a qualitative step in the gradual adoption of telemedicine services in sub-Saharan Africa, which is expected to continue in a new phase.

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By • 24 May, 2013
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