Fenerbahce Ulker Arena, one of the largest stadiums and entertainment venues in Istanbul (Turkey), has opted for the efficiency of lighting systems GE Lighting inside and outside, with adjustable systems and instant start.

GE Lighting Ulker Arena

Aware of the technical requirements to illuminate a complex of 67.000m2 and optimize energy costs, GE Lighting he has designed a customized high-quality lighting with an instant start system at Fenerbahce-Ulker Arena, located in the Turkish capital.

Fenerbahce Ulker Sports Complex, with capacity for 15,000 spectators, is the first multifunctional stadium in Istanbul in which besides attending football games and basketball Fenerbahce-Ulker team, also concerts and shows are offered.

This multifunctional complex features a spectacular dome of 67.000m2 and 28 meters high and includes two Olympic swimming pools, several restaurants and entertainment areas.

GE Lighting Ulker Arena

Requirements and objectives

Entre los requerimientos del proyecto, Raşit Kupoglu, responsable de la empresa contratista Megapol Mühendislik, señala al respecto que “teníamos que cumplir con unos criterios muy exigentes. El proyecto necesitaba de una iluminación especial y fiable que fuera uniforme, evitara resplandores y de excelente calidad para las retransmisiones deportivas, que además no resultara molesta para jugadores y espectadores, y fue muy importante la experiencia de GE Lighting para garantizarlo”.

GE Lighting Ulker ArenaAnother of the main requirements was that in case of power failure, the lighting system had an immediate reignition, not only to be interrupted any event, but also to ensure the safety of spectators and avoid moments of panic, etc.

To illuminate the track Fenerbahce Ulker were installed projectors sixty EF2000 W 1000 model, to ensure that viewers can enjoy and clearly see the rink, so as the scoreboard and screen.

In this sense, the projector EF2000 is particularly suitable for installations with extremely high ceilings such as the stadium Fenerbahce Ulker, designed to reduce glare. It also allows different effects of light adjustable, as required by the basketball courts.

GE Lighting Ulker ArenaThis system of GE Lighting also has an ignition system restarts in just two seconds compared to the fifteen minutes that usually take other luminaries of the market.

In areas of corridors and changing rooms they have been installed 2,000 lights Top DBX, which provide optimum light distribution, with a high level of energy saving and low maintenance cost.

In the entrances and exits of the stadium, the lighting solution is based on CMH Eurobay 120 luminaries, one indoor device for medium and high altitudes, also used in commercial and industrial environments.

Finally, for car parks, access areas and áreaas surrounding sports facilities luminaires CMH LunaLys, which offer efficient lighting white light quality in outdoor areas thanks to high photometric efficiency of the reflector are installed as well as easy maintenance thanks to its IP66 optics.

The project manager notes that "GE Lighting system EF2000 create an ideal environment for the viewer, with quality lighting and control of light pollution, while meeting the needs of digital television broadcasting. But most important is the instantaneous reignition, a crucial element in reliability and security for today's game. "

GE Lighting Ulker Arena

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By • 27 May, 2013
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