Microsoft has announced that the next year will be available the new sensor Kinect for Windows. This version will provide greater fidelity, a wider field of vision, enhanced skeleton tracking and a new system of infrared.

The sensor Kinect for Windows version 2 of Microsoft It is already under development and seeks to provide a more accurate and intuitive response, accelerating the experience of voice and gestures.

Kinect 2 will offer greater fidelity thanks to its high-definition sensor and system multi-microphone that filters the ambient sound in order to recognize voices that speak even in crowded rooms.

Microsoft Kinect 2 for Windows will also include a greater field of view so that it can be used in rooms of different sizes, minimizing the need to modify settings.

The combination of a high-fidelity over the expanded field of view will give companies the tools they need to create more natural scenery, more dynamic solutions and smoother interactions.

Its improved tracking system allows you to follow more points on the body, including the tip of the hand and the thumb, and up to six skeletons at the same time. This opens up fields of application in new scenarios, with the improvement of the avatar, the ability to develop a major rehabilitation and the possibility of creating new experiences in public spaces where multiple users can participate simultaneously.

It incorporates the technology of Microsoft Flight time that measures the time that take individual photons to bounce off an object or person to create precision and accuracy. All this means that the new sensor detects movements and details precise, such as a light rotation of the wrist, the position of the body and even them wrinkles in the clothing.

However, the most interesting point is the new active infrared system that will allow access to the audio, depth, color image, and also image received via infrared data, i.e., you can play or use in virtually any lighting situation, including almost total darkness.

Estas nuevas capacidades de IR permiten al nuevo sensor trabajar en casi cualquier condición de iluminación y, además, ofrece a los desarrolladores mejores capacidades integradas de reconocimiento en diferentes configuraciones del mundo real, independiente de las condiciones de iluminación.

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By • 27 May, 2013
• Section: Audio, Display, Augmented reality, Simulation

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