Automaker Ford has launched its new prototypes of cars with the help of the program of augmented reality 3D Cave (computer automated virtual environment) in their German site of Cologne, as it already does in the United States.

Ford 3D Cave-Inquirer photo

Although the Detroit car maker began long ago to use a simulation system for testing their new prototypes, has been from its European headquarters in Cologne (Germany) where Ford It is innovating on the way of projecting and designing its vehicles with the technology of augmented reality.

Ford 3D CaveThe virtual program used by Ford is 3D Cave (computer automated virtual environment), with which its technicians recreate dimensions and structure of a new prototype at the time which may interact with all the elements, which in addition to a greater guarantee in safety and reliability, means a significant saving of costs and time.

This simulator in 3D is composed of three large panels, in form of box open, all them in white for projecting them images of the structure of the inside of the vehicle, that them engineers displayed through some glasses 3D stereoscopic, with detectors infrared of movement, that is synchronized with them projections for introduce is in the environment virtual hyper of the prototype of the car.

Thanks to this software of reality virtual immersive, them technical of the signs can try few times wish to and modify until the minimum detail of design and visibility of what will be a new model of automobile before its manufacture.

Ford 3D CaveAs explains Michael Wolf, responsible of this project of Ford in the headquarters German of Cologne, "Although trust fully in the experience, knowledge and creativity of our engineers, thanks to this system have of a tool much more sophisticated to analyze until the minimum detail;" "bring us into the vehicle and even test it in a very realistic environment to improve the security and performance of the car".

Ford 3D Cave-Inquirer photo3D Cave allows the projection of animated images in a real environment, with pedestrians, cars, cyclists,... so that technicians can evaluate visibility from all angles of the passenger compartment of the vehicle, its interior features, comparative with other prototypes, etc.

Despite this important aid, Wolf emphasized that "still fundamentally depend on the knowledge, experience and imagination of our engineers, but 3D Cave is an indispensable tool in their work".

The first system it created the team Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) of the University of Illinois at Chicago, who introduced him at the market in 1992 and which subsequently has been improving it.

Ford 3D Cave

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By • 28 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Business, Projection, Augmented reality

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