The Miami Children's Hospital has implemented a global command center for telemedicine geo interconnect all doctors in the world. To do this, Intermedia Touch has installed a video wall consisting of 12 screens.

Hospital ninos Miami video-wall

Intermedia Touch It has designed a global command center for telemedicine Children's Hospital of Miami (Florida). This is a video-wall in which geolocation and news services combined.

What is pursued with this video-wall is to allow health professionals Children's Hospital of Miami communicate geo-conference with other professionals and to exchange all information between them.

The Miami Children's Hospital in Miami (Florida) selected Intermedia Touch to create a custom mural command center global telemedicine. This mural is made up of 12 screens, eight of which displayed a map of the world where health professionals when they are talking to the staff of this pediatric hospital are located. The remaining four screens are integrated into social networks, provide weather information and general interest news and current affairs.

The aim of this video wall was to highlight the global reach that the Miami Children's Hospital has and offer a vision of the images in a format edge.

El mayor reto de diseñar e instalar el Centro de Comando de Telemedicina Global estaba en la altura de las expectativas del hospital y su visión vanguardista del centro. El hospital quería una pared en la se mostrará la geolocalización de los especialistas en tiempo real, así como la transmisión por streaming de las informaciones de los medios de comunicación y las noticias por RSS.

Real-time information

Initially a mural with 15 Intermedia Touch screens but finally opted for a platform with 12 screens that provides a 5.5 mm bezel separation, TileMatrix technology and Energy Star 5.1 rating sought. In addition to allowing the hospital specialized content display in real time in an environment of geo-mapping.

The result is that with this project we have improved hospital communications at global and local level among professionals worldwide.

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By • 29 May, 2013
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