Bosch expands its portfolio of network video systems with micro cameras and FlexiDome IP 2000 series Advantage Line range, designed for indoor lighting stable. They come in two versions: Microbox and microdomo.

Bosch Micro and Bosch security systems

The cameras Bosch IP micro and FlexiDome 2000 series Advantage Line range offer a wide range of functions such as art sensors, smart technology noise reduction (IDNR) or the free PC software Bosch Video Client, and the free app Live Viewer Bosch, to play live images and video recordings.

Bosch Security Systems has designed these cameras thinking of small and medium facilities such as homes or retail.

Incluyen una aplicación de Dropbox para el almacenamiento en la nube y necesitan un 50% menos de capacidad de almacenamiento para escenas estáticas gracias a su tecnología inteligente de reducción de ruido (iDNR), que ahorra memoria, ancho de banda y costes. Además, se puede visualizar gratuitamente vídeo en vivo y grabado desde un PC con el software Bosch Video Client o desde un dispositivo móvil a través de la App Live Viewer de Bosch.

IP cameras micro and FlexiDome series 2000 are compatible ONVIF and platforms integrators third thanks to Integration Partner Program, which provides immediate access to online tools to facilitate the integration of management and recording software, video analysis, video walls and supervision in the cloud.

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By • 30 May, 2013
• Section: Security

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