Viking specialists use 72 cubes MicroTiles of video projection to create a modern system of visualization and control at the main artery of the city. An intelligent and automated identification system of accidents, with more than 600 sensors and more than 60 video cameras, allows to keep under control all that happens.

Christie MicroTiles in the Control Room of the St. Petersburg Ring

 Building Control Ring St. PetersburgRing ring of St. Petersburg, main artery of the city, connects all the main routes departing from the Center towards Murmansk, Moscow, Kiev, Tallinn and Helsinki. The Control room of the ring is the most important element of the project. The main contractor was NefteGazOptimizatsiya (NGO), a company specialized in the development of intelligent transport systems (SIT) for roads.

From the aspect of visualization of the project Viking, a company based in Petersburgo and veteran partner was responsible for Christie. The selection of the Christie MicroTiles was crucial when deciding to create a videowall.

In this project it was necessary to set up a contemporary system of SIT which lead the resolution of a set of issues: increase the road capacity of the ring, improve the flow of traffic and the safety of the track, optimize speed, minimize the time invested in the crosses of incorporation and output, improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions as much as possible as well as strengthening the effectiveness of the road services.

Artyom Filimonov, head of Operaciones SIT ring ring, has assured that "this is the most important element of the road network in St. Petersburg. The problem of the safety of the streets has been a priority for us. Intelligent transportation system that we have installed, and that the Control room is an integral part responds to all the challenges facing the traffic infrastructure today".

Christie MicroTiles in the Control Room of the St. Petersburg Ring

Traffic jams and accidents

Filimonov said the road accidents as one of the main problems. Identification of accident automated and intelligent system includes more than 600 sensors to monitor the flow of traffic and locate bottlenecks, and more than 60 video cameras which, in manual mode, allow to observe what happens on the street and in automatic mode to detect any type of incident. Without a doubt, the "heart" of the Control room is the visualization system: a display of remote viewing. Created with 72 Christie MicroTiles (in provision of 12 × 6), the display provides a precise, bright and detailed high resolution image, 24 hours a day, every day of the week, year after year.

NGO, the developers of the ring SIT explains that an intelligent system suppresses the error due to the «human factor»: where an operator would not detect an accident or a particular section of the route, the automated system will identify the exact point and notify the worker.

The video Control room wall showing images from monitors the network and servers in the system. The room employees have ability to go looking for incidents by the entire route and analyze in real time. The content is managed through eight cards of external control units of Christie MicroTiles and equipped with eight shots of DVI driver, eight VGA/DVI and ability to connect to the local network.

Michael Eidemiller, head of the Viking project, highlights the figures of this project to impress: "twenty-six heat exchangers, hundred and six bridges, walkways, overpasses and tunnels..." The need for a continuous and uninterrupted service with impeccable picture quality were the decisive factors to choose Christie MicroTiles. It is the first project in which we have chosen for this type of installation, by MicroTiles. And the decision was taken after convincing the client, in a demonstration of the improvement afforded these small cubes of video projection in comparison with the performance of standard size models. Therefore we decided to jointly rule out traditional video projection cubes of 50″ or 01″ that we had seen at first".

Christie MicroTiles in the Control Room of the St. Petersburg Ring

Accurate, detailed and bright image

Eidemiller, another great advantage of this display system was the high density of pixels in images (a pixel is 0, 56mm) and display modules have a depth of only 26cm, with the control input of the videowall in front surface.

Igor Popov, head engineer of the Department of construction and Supervision technique of NGO, stressed that Christie MicroTiles technology offers infinitely better than plasma screens which provide a display with an image. "And as the space between modules is (just over 1 mm) minimum, the eye perceives hardly divisions in the image, which is seen as a whole rather than as something fragmented", assures.

Evgeny Blinov, technical director of Viking, ensures that 'MicroTiles is a development of Christie that looks to the future and in which the light source is a LED. Unlike other high-pressure gas lamps, LED lighting system is not subject to sudden drops in power, does not require intense cooling and has a shelf life of 65 000 hours. The screen image is generated by a DLP chip, and the absence of color selection wheel (color is generated by LED) improves the reliability of the equipment.

The construction of the ring road ring began in 2001. The Eastern loop was opened to traffic in 2008 and the West in November 2010. At present, the total length of the road is 116,75 km or 142,15 km if we include the section that crosses the Gulf of Finland over a few artificial dykes. This is the only way of Petersburgo in which it is allowed to circulate at high speed, with the limit set at 110 km per hour.

All of the complex installation of the SIT of the ring ring is currently in the final phase of customisation. However, with the experience of this system of displaying multiple access and latest technology based on Christie MicroTiles, specialists can now focus on extending their application to use this technology in other projects.

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By • 30 May, 2013
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