Designed for projection over long periods of time in events and shows, Optoma has designed its projector EH7700 that is integrated into its line ProScene.

Optoma EH7700

The projector Optoma ProScene EH7700 is a team capable of playing for long periods of time in light and bright rooms of different sizes and for different purposes images. For it has five sets of lenses that provide a wide throw distance, from 0.5 to 75 meters, and various interchangeable color wheels to adjust the brightness and image quality to the requirements of each event or show.

ProScene Optoma EH7700 incorporates a dual lamp system and a set of five aspherical lenses (short, standard and long shot) that allow you to move in a projection distance of between 0.5 and 75 meters.
These high-precision lenses use technology low dispersion (LD) that provides sharpness and focus uniformity across the projected image, ensuring true colors without color distortion. This results in crystal clear images and high contrast.

Optoma EH7700 also has interchangeable color wheel, which offers great flexibility of use in multiple applications. Interchangeable without removing the projector cover, two of them ensure image quality and brightness adaptable to the requirements of each space.

Meanwhile, the standard color wheel increases brightness while ensuring good color reproduction. And the enhanced color optimizes performance and sharpness of colors. It offers a brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 2,000: 1, two properties that sharp, detailed images are obtained, even in brightly lit rooms.

To this a native WUXGA resolution of 1920 x 1200 and the incorporation of BrilliantColor technology, with which it is possible to achieve high brightness level by promoting the combination of a greater number of mid-tone colors adds and providing more vivid colors, sharp and realistic.

Specific features for use in the professional environment, highlights the integration of RoomView software, which allows you to configure, manage and control electronic devices in every room remotely from any computer.

Through Internet it is possible to manage up to 250 projectors at the same time, modify the configuration of equipment, instantly display messages and set up email alerts to set warnings.

When used in combination with image processors of the company Calibre, it is able to provide optimal results for scale images at a higher resolution, increase or decrease its size (warping) or merge content from two or more projectors (edge ​​blending ).

optimized installation

To facilitate installation, Optoma EH7700 includes Brightness Matching, a feature that can increase or decrease the wattage of the lamp from eight different options ranging between 280 and 350 watts.

Thus, if the projection is very bright, the brightness decreases until it equals provided by another projection system. Something that is useful when multiple projectors are used for mapping or blending lamp and one of them is changed, since it avoids excessive lighting.

This function can also be used to equalize the light of projectors with older lamps and avoid replacing all at once.

It is also provided a matching system that allows three axes individually adjust the primary colors (red, green, blue) with secondary (cyan, magenta and yellow) and white.

Even allows the projection of images in a range of 360 ° around the vertical axis, including playback from the ceiling or floor, which greatly expands the possibilities of installation.

Low noise level

It emphasizes its low noise level that does not exceed 39 db, and tools for incorporating energy saving. Among them is the auto power, which is activated when the projector detects no signal for a long time or quick start. This enables the lamp life reaches 2000 hours.

It also incorporates a mechanical shutter that darkens instantly and completely when the projection screen and AV-Mute function is not required standard, with which it is possible to get a complete system crash during events.

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By • 30 May, 2013
• Section: Projection

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