The new network video recorder (NVR) all in one justconnect of D-Link reduces installation time and makes a complete IP solution and advanced security available to any small or medium businesses.

D-Link JustConnectJustconnect (whose technical name is DNR 2060-08P) is a new network video recorder, multi-functional and independent, developed by D-Link to provide a complete IP surveillance solution in any small or medium business.

This network video surveillance system is a simple solution to use with numerous benefits, which requires almost no setup time and has been designed specifically for installers working with SMEs, such as shops, offices, etc.

This solution has six drive bays eight PoE ports, HDMI and VGA outputs and front controls for management and full HD capability to connect up to eight IP cameras without any configuration or connection, not even a PC.

His administration is also very simple, as it allows the authorized user to observe any view camera, record and play back scenes or choose options, for example, make scheduled recordings or, depending on certain events, adjust the lens focus or recover recordings for use as evidence of a crime.

This technology is especially suitable for SMEs that have IP cameras, offering motion detection, which starts recording when the device warns some movement, with easy monitoring and reduction of space for storing images.

Another of its features is the network management of IP surveillance anytime, anywhere, through the application for smartphones and tablets justconnect +, so that small and medium entrepreneurs can review 24 × 7 live images or recorded your local through any Internet-connected device.

Como explica Antonio Navarro, director de ventas y marketing de D-Link Iberia, “el sistema DNR-2060-08P JustConnect ofrece completas capacidades de vigilancia IP a usuarios con o sin conocimientos técnicos, y su facilidad de uso y rapidez de instalación no tienen comparación en el mercado actual. Es la primera vez que los usuarios más modestos tienen acceso a funciones avanzadas de control remoto a un precio tan competitivo”.

The manager also highlights how IP surveillance technology continues to grow and still make more in the future, when "small and medium entrepreneurs realize that they have their very simple effective technologies available, and, above all, that fit their budget".

In addition to the cameras, justconnect only you need a standard SATA hard drive for recording images and a VGA or HDMI monitor as a screen for viewing. The system automatically starts several network protocols for the installer, including IP addresses or QoS support services.

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By • 31 May, 2013
• Section: Security

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