More than 4,000 buyers were excited about the holographic showcase performed by Rose and Thistle Media with seven hundred systems Christie MicroTiles and projectors of this provider on the anniversary of the Canadian fashion Holt Renfrew store.

Rose and Thistle

The specialist in digital solutions Rose and Thistle Media He has designed and created a stunning holographic display screen in the window of the store logo of Canadian fashion Holt Renfrew, which have used seven hundred MicroTiles and projectors HD10K-M and Roadster HD20K-J's Christie.

Rose and ThistleInverse called Parallax, this great holographic window mannequins complemented with fashionable, together with the modules of digital signage and projectors MicroTiles Christie resulted in a spectacular 3D visual environment, but without glasses.

The celebration of the 175th anniversary of the Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew, located in Toronto, has been the reason for the project to attract customers and demonstrate an innovative way to display fashion, and it has happened with the visit of more than 4,000 people for two weeks .

This great showcase holographic was visible both day and night, thanks to the combination of the projection technology of Christie and execution of Rose and Thistle to create holograms using two levels of display: one produced by the curvature of light (holo-aircraft type) on a surface of preparation which allows projecting the image, and another in the back to create a hologram of 8 × 8 background the MicroTiles-induced.

Rose and ThistleThis stereoscopic depth by adding a background has been a real challenge for Rose and Thistle, as content and technology had to interact in a stereoscopic 3D environment, but without glasses and day and night, so signs of depth setting and adjustment of plans should be highly precise to avoid problems of transparency and at a distance of projection out of the ordinary.

This project included objects in the world real (mannequins, balloon, confetti,...) that were on the ground between two levels of effect 3D, produced by MicroTiles systems, which do not require distance of projection, in combination with the projectors 4 K high resolution of Christie, allowing to overcome the limits of an illusion 2D to create a true 3D effect.

This holographic showcase, which has operated for two weeks, was put into operation, coinciding with the opening of the international Toronto Film Festival, and while the forecast was that they pass by the store a thousand people, the results have exceeded all expectations, after the visit of more than 4,000 buyers and an increase of 400% of influx to the store , with a significant increase in revenues.

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By • 31 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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