GlacialLight, division of GlacialTech, has built-in to your catalog their first ceiling LED of mounting in wall for outside, that include the version standard of 11.5W, the GL-WL1012 and two versions of 12.5W with sensor PIR, the GL-WL1012SH and the GL-WL1012SL.

GlacialLigkt GLWL1012 and GLWL1012S

The outdoor LED ceiling speakers GlacialLight GL-WL1012, WL1012SH-GL and GL-WL1012SL can be mounted or fixed in the ceiling or the wall and are designed with an aspect of minimalist offering an easy and safe installation, either in parks, terraces and roofs. Its adjustable pin 180 ° allows mounting, fixing to the housing. As these LEDs do not need to be assembled in its location, its water resistance is guaranteed.

Sensor (PIR) passive infrared motion of GL-WL1012SH and GL-WL1012SL reduces consumption and light pollution to avoid unnecessary use of light. The sensor of 360 ° has with a time of response of them 0.6 to them 1.5 m/s and ensures lighting in the instant that is detects movement.

The small size of these lights allows that is can install is in almost any place to outdoors as parks, porches, walls and cornices. Its light weight: GL-WL1012 (1. 2 kg); GL-WL1012SH and GL-WL1012SL (1. 25 Kg), allows you to locate them on all kinds of surfaces.

The three models have aluminum molded high-quality compression, turning them into elegant elements for design of buildings. The bulbs also provide a visual effect of color filter that provides a visually more pleasant ambient effect on the surface where they are mounted. Model GL-WL1012 features IP65 certification, while the other two, with the IP54. Thus, they are protected from water and dust in outdoor use. All three versions are resistant to high temperatures and are protected against UV rays by its structure of polycarbonate.

Its beam is 105 degrees and have two color variants. The GL-WL1012 model accepts 100-240V AC voltage; the GL-WL1012SH AC 200-240V and 100-120V GL-WL1012SL CA.

GlacialLight outdoor LED ceilingFeatures

  • PIR sensor and standard versions.
  • 11.5 to 12.5W consumption.
  • LED driver with PFC function.
  • Mounting options wall and / or ceiling.
  • Individual and minimalist design.
  • 180 adjustable pin for easy installation.
  • Structure, compression-molded high-quality aluminum.
  • Withstand high temperatures.
  • Polycarbonate shell that protects from UV rays.
  • visual color filter effect to create atmosphere.
  • Certifications: IP54 and IP65.
  • Low consumption.
  • No UV and IR radiation.

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By • 31 May, 2013
• Section: Lighting

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