The new line of cameras Sony Ipela Engine covers all market segments, from airports and urban areas, to schools, shops and banks.

Sony Ipela E Series Engine box

The family of cameras Ipela Engine of Sony It consists of 14 new models belonging to the Pro line and EX, as well as a small entry-level surveillance team and a scalable management solution.

The high-end, Ipela Engine Pro, is composed of the W series featuring cameras for video surveillance in demanding environments such as airports, stadiums and casinos, as well as to urban areas and perimeters.

This line includes a camera that delivers Full HD images, even in environments with intense backlight, and provides a dynamic range of 130 DB.

Sony Ipela Engine series W indoorThis series is equipped with the Ipela Engine Pro technology allowing you to run at 60 fps; i.e., twice as much as conventional IP cameras. By doubling the frequency at 60 fps, the operator has higher level of detail to analyze images frame by frame in the recordings.

It also offers two outdoor video surveillance solutions: the image stabilizer and demisting mode. The image stabilizer reduces the effect of vibrations in adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or when the installation is in the vicinity of traffic routes or bridges. Defroster mode is a technology that increases the clarity in the presence of fog or pollution.

The first two models of the series W in to market will be the SNC-WR632 for outdoor use, and the SNC-WR630 for interior. Both are models high speed dome with 360 ° continuous PTZ operation and they offer a speed of 700 degrees per second, allowing the operator to go with agility to area of interest in a single move fast.

Both the SNC-WR632 and the SNC-WR630 have day/night function real, offering images clear even in poor lighting conditions, and incorporate also the latest version of View-DR for the wide dynamic range compensation. They have 360 ° continuous rotation function and its robustness allows you to pan, tilt and zoom constant movements.

Sony Ipela Engine Serie EIpela EX Engine: series E and V

Thinking of retail, banking and education, Sony offers its Ipela Engine EX composite line by the series E and V available in HD and Full HD versions.

Models from the series and include improvements in the main functions of camera to offer optimum picture even in the most difficult environments of video surveillance quality. This will be added the latest View-DR technology, which offers a great level of detail even with subjects undergoing intense backlight. It has also improved noise reduction and low-light sensitivity.

In addition, the new models include image stabilization features that counteract the effect of the movement of the camera produced by wind or vibrations of the mounting brackets. The vibration of the camera blurs images and blurs the details, but this new feature provides excellent images regardless of weather conditions.

The 12 new additions of the series E form a complete range in which four fixed models (SNC-EB600, SNC-EB600B, CNS-EB630 and SNC-EB630B), included two Dome (SNC-EM600 and SNC-EM630), other two vandal-proof Dome (SNC-EM601 and SNC-EM631) and two reinforced dome exterior (SNC-EM602R and SNC-EM632R).

The current offer of medium and high level models will grow with the addition of two new series V, the SNC-VM602R and the SNC-VM632R cameras, reinforced for outdoor use.

Sony Ipela Engine Serie CLow range: C series

The SNC-CX600W is a wireless camera small and affordable. Created specifically for small businesses, shops, restaurants, hotels and residences, this camera incorporates HD (720 p) and viewing angle (120 °) panoramic and operates in wireless mode or dual network cable; In addition, supports parallel in micro-SD card storage.

The camera has a sensor for passive infrared (PIR) for the detection of movement in the dark, as well as a white LED light that illuminates the scene automatically when motion is detected either when the active user. In addition, it incorporates a microphone and a speaker, supports bidirectional audio and features analysis of Sony as motion detection and DEPA.

Scalable management software

This server, based on the Windows operating system, software is integrated with video surveillance recorders software Sony RealShot Manager Advanced (RSM) and network (NSR). Offers a solution for complete video surveillance that responds to the needs of those seeking a scalable solution to migrate from their recording systems autonomous/local. Expandability of the software management makes this package of video surveillance «all-in-one» the perfect choice for companies with multiple locations, as the banks, or for trade business retail, medical facilities, and school zones. As these organizations grow, the system will do with them.

The solution can manage a maximum of 1000 recorders, allowing you to simplify large systems NSR/RSM. It contains a set of SMS administrative tools that reduces the management workload.

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