In the building more high of Europe Western and emblem of modernity of London, the attraction ' The view from The Shard' offers to its visitors a stunning experience sensory and multimedia to 310 m. of height with the technology Watchout of Dataton, installed by the Integrator audiovisual DJ Willrich.

The view from The Sharp

The integration of advanced technology multimedia to 310 m in height is not an easy task, but in The Sharp, the Western Europe's tallest building, located in the Centre of London, has been to its tourist attraction ' The view from The Shard' offers to its visitors a spectacular visual experience.

The view from The Sharp

The British company Event Communications and audiovisual integrator DJ Willrich (DJW) have been responsible for this spectacular multimedia project in the highest viewpoint in London, for which they have selected the software management of multi Watchout Dataton, Provided by its Premium partner in the UK, Mirage Associates.

The view from The Sharp

The Sharp, designed by architect Renzo Piano, is not only currently the tallest building in Western Europe, but has changed the image of the British capital to the south of the River Thames, under the concept of 'vertical city', in which located offices, restaurants, shops and the luxurious five-star Shangri-La from where you see London as the crow flies.

Located in plants, 68, 69 and 72 of this singular glass pyramid-shaped building ' The view from The Shard', with 360 degree views that reach a distance of 65 Km with an Observatory open to the sky at its highest level, since its inclined crystals do not touch this part so that the building can 'breathe'.

The view from The SharpLondon in 360 °

The multimedia experience of 'The View' starts at the same entrance hall to the building, where visitors are "portrayed" the multi-screen panoramic view of London. In this area has been installed a video wall of flat, at 5 × 3 configuration screen, showing the film content to locate The Sharp in a historical and geographical context.

The videowall using Watchout for integrating multiple high definition video images into a single complete picture, along with multimedia contents synchronized with audio. Other videowall of 4 × 1, add to this in the form of column that provides updated information to visitors about the tour of his trip to the lookout.

The view from The SharpExplains Kevin Murphy, director of Event Communications, "this is the only place from where you can see the whole of London in all its dimensions and audiovisual format, where visitors are positioned on your itinerary as a 'portrait' at their first stop."

From the hall is accessed 68 plant in two kaleidoscopic lifts that take 20 seconds to upload, equipped with television screens and video surveillance cameras, where guides help visitors to climb to the level 69.

At this level, visitors will find with a triple height space to enjoy an incredible 360 degree view at 244 meters, twice as much as other viewpoints in the city. Tell:scopes systems, which act as the telescopes digital, identifying the places of interest in the line of sight of the user with information about two hundred sights of London on a selection of ten different languages have been distributed in this area.

The view from The Sharp"It is the simulation of a trip by city - says Murphy-. From the touchdown of an ingenious way to film and graphic images of the past and present London in the entrance hall, to information in the digital telescope to associate the monuments and areas of the city".

In these spaces, the audiovisual image is associated with the sound system, a project carried out by Event Communications in collaboration with the composer David Mitcham, with a specific soundtrack for this tourist environment, recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and the choir Joyful Company of Singers. Just as was done when opened the building, with a spectacular lighting laser and audio, as shown in the following video.

For Kevin Murphy, the role played by the audiovisual technology in the visitor's experience is fundamental, "what we have achieved is a combination of visual show with very powerful digital signage. We were very restricted in terms of space, and we knew that the system had to be flexible."

The choice of Watchout for this project "allows that the content is dynamic and is updated as often as required - specifies Murphy-. We can even insert video files 4 K without any loss of quality or flexibility in the system. Content is the King of this facility and we are delighted with the quality of that content with Watchout".

The view from The Shard

Also, for the head of DJW, David Willrich, "the ability to mix and match images from any source, and then synchronize the playback with audio, lighting control and other systems according to a calendar pre-programmed only have achieved it with this system".

In this project, the team of DJW "has written an element of digital signage around Watchout, in which we have added additional features to this system to achieve the results that we wanted and not offered by a conventional solution digital signage. It is a solid as a rock and easily scalable platform without compromising image quality", underlines Willrich."

Fredrik Svahnberg, Dataton marketing director, points out at the same time that "the latest version of Watchout incorporates flexible features can be added depending on the application, making it particularly useful for a project like this, in which the basics of multimedia content of the entertainment calendar, is fixed even though the alternative content is continuously updated".

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By • 6 Jun, 2013
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