The Ibiza Hotel Ushuaia-Tower has equipped its facilities with televisions from LG, videowall with interactive content and LED lighting systems. Caverin was the company responsible for the project.

Hotel Ushuaia Tower Ibiza

A multimedia environment and offer a better service to the customer is what it sought the Ibiza Hotel Ushuaia-Tower when I commissioned the project to Caverin Solutions.

Caverin has equipped with televisions and dockstations them rooms of this hotel Ibiza and, also, has gifted to these teams of applications specific of the hotel, content of Internet and the possibility of play videos music and images without cables, directly from devices mobile or tablets. And, for it, is has opted for implementing the solution smartuptv.

Caverin is also in charge of installing screens in public areas of the hotel, riding three walls of four 55-inch screens of LG each one in format 2 × 2. Is is of screens transflectivas specific for showcases, with high luminosity and with a frame between screens of 5.6 mm, with which every videowall form a unique image and increases the impact visual of the content shown.

Caverin Hotel Ushuaia Tower Ibiza-3In the bar of the bar and the entrance to the hotel are mounted interactive projection systems that offer a different experience at the level of interaction and entertainment, and that allows establishing the possibility of implementing specific content for events or special celebrations. Level of lighting Caverin has provided Hotel Ushuaia Tower outside sources that also offer a professional lighting in the outdoor.

Jaime Villanueva, CEO of Caverin: "This project has been a real challenge for us. The Ushuaïa Ibiza Tower hotel is a world leader why we have worked to offer and implement the latest and most innovative solutions in the field of audiovisual equipment and lighting. "

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By • 7 Jun, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Lighting

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