Dataton offers in the version 5.5 of Watchout new functions as support for Watchpax, synchronization assisted by hardware, fusion of frames, properties DHCP or image URL.

Dataton Watchout

The latest version of software visualization and presentation multiscreen Watchout 5.5 of Datatonthat it is Multimedia controlIt offers new features like assisted synchronization by hardware, combination of frames, stereoscopic feature, 3D effects, dynamic IP address of individual teams or the inclusion of images based on URL.

With Watchout is possible create images for large screens, already be fixed or dynamic, also supports video, animations, sound, graphic... all combined in a single presentation. And you can connect up to a maximum of six screens on a single computer. WATCHOUT also supports the playback of QuickTime animation and video H.264 MOV files.

Among them new features that offers the version 5.5 of Dataton Watchout is include the reproduction stereoscopic, effects 3D, a greater interaction in live and multiple screens that allow take advantage of the potential of them equipment. With this version it is possible to position and rotate objects in space, allowing paths of movement in three dimensions, images and videos.

It is also possible to use external sensors, touch panels or tablets to virtually control all parameters and fully interactive presentations. In addition, is can add texts to the project of Watchout without need of using any program external, defining different styles. The videos can also be included using the protocols (RTP and RTSP) streaming standards. Another feature is the possibility to record the DMX512 data of a table of lights and then play them.

Dataton WatchoutLa función de reproducción estereoscopia lleva las prestaciones 3D a una nueva dimensión permitiendo, incluso, el vídeo estereoscópico. La nueva versión permite cargar imágenes desde una dirección URL, ya se encuentre en un servidor real en Internet o local, y es posible asignar un nombre a un grupo de clúster completo de equipos de visualización que se utilizará en un show. Además, la nueva aplicación de servidor de Watchout ofrece contenido actualizado continuamente, como canales RSS, directo a las presentaciones.

Watchout ahora es compatible con la sincronización de hardware proporcionado por algunas tarjetas gráficas AMD FireGL con la tarjeta de sincronización AMD S400.

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By • 10 Jun, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, General

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