A digital display and a RFID system, installed in the shopping cart, were the elements used for Hellmanns increased their sales in supermarkets in Sao Paulo.

Hellman digital campaign signage Brazil

Hellmanns has launched a campaign in Brazil using digital techniques to increase your sales. Hellmanns mayonnaise manufacturer has installed an electronic cart that helps customers make their purchases, localizing products and offering cooking tips in some supermarkets in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Hellmanns campaign digital signage BrazilThe cart features a digital display and RFID system. Whenever the customer enter an item in the basket or passes through a particular area of the supermarket, the display shows a recipe that can be prepared with these foods combined with mayonnaise.

Also if customer need other ingredients to make the recipe, the system provides the exact location of where are the products within the self-service.

These shopping carts are connected to the Internet what the recipes and tips can be shared on social networks without specifying any other device. Also allows to password sent via email.

The experience gained with this initiative has, as confirmed Hellmanns, some very positive results with a significant increase in sales in less than a month, 68%.

Campana digital signage de Hellman

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By • 10 Jun, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals

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