Professional monitor features BenQ BL2411PT allow comfortable, streamlined and efficient visualization, reducing eye fatigue.

BenQ BL2411PT

In BL2411PT, BenQ completes its range of monitors for professional environment, ergonomic equipment that provides functionality for eye protection.

Esta diseñado con un panel IPS ofreciendo imágenes nítidas y de alto contraste. Su pantalla panorámica 16:10 permite una resolución máxima de 1920×1200 y la facilidad de visualizar documentos y de trabajar en múltiples ventanas, minimizando la necesidad de desplazarse y conmutar entre las distintas aplicaciones. Para visualizar vídeos desde videocámaras HD o fotografías de cámaras digitales, el monitor reproduce el cien por cien del color RGB para presentar imágenes naturales que reproducen con exactitud los detalles de color.

The ergonomic features of the BenQ BL2411PT are given by their Senseye read mode, you can adjust the color temperature and brightness levels; Eye Protect Sensor, which automatically adjusts screen brightness detecting ambient light; Flicker-free and technology. The latter replaces the conventional LED backlight to avoid flicker.

It also has other features such as height adjustable support, anti-glare display and Smart Reminder (intelligent reminder) function. All these technologies allow a more comfortable, more optimized display, reducing eye fatigue.

Moreover, BenQ has also taken into account in its design energy efficiency so incorporated the AC Power Switch completely turn off switch that allows consumption of the monitor.

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By • 11 Jun, 2013
• Section: Display

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