The theme park in the India Adlabs Imagica has opted for Christie technology to offer an immersive experience to its visitors. Forty projectors have been installed in six major attractions.

Adlabs Imagica in the India theme park

The experience that the theme park offers Adlabs Imagica goes beyond the imagination of visitors, thanks to 40 projectors of the firm Christie that there is installed in six of the most spectacular attractions of the enclosure. Leverage technology to deliver crystal clear images of high resolution and present animations and live action movies. "Adlabs Imagica is not only the first theme park of its kind in the India, they also is the largest facility that Christie has in this country," explains Lin Yu, Vice President of Christie Asia Pacific." We are proud to contribute to the success of the theme park with our large facility covering the Cinema 4 d, virtual tours and 360 degree imaging."

Adlabs Imagica cinema domeIn attracting the Prince Dark Water, visitors are immersed in a virtual journey to the depths of the ocean to see swimming mermaids. To create experience is immersive used a big giant screen shaped dome of 3,100 square meters and a viewing angle of 360 degrees. To project the images they use a Christie dwu670-E team and six WU12K-M from the same manufacturer.

In the Curse of Salimgarh a Christie is used DHD800 and seven projectors DWU675-E to activate a fortress encantada in Delhi during the era of the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb. The visitors made a walk through rooms full of horror and mysterious creatures.

Adlabs Imagica Mr IndiaThe immersive experience of the park is done by the hand of a team DHD670-E Christie Roadie HD + and three 35K and virtual tour is inspired by the Bollywood film, Mr. India.

Part of the attraction I for IndiaHe is an air ride by a breathtaking view of the magnificent landscapes of the India that are displayed on a panoramic screen of 90 meters by five Christie Roadster S 22 k-j.

For its part, in the Wrath of the gods joins cutting-edge technology leading the visitors to a room with three giant idols of Indian gods through a secret door. Then have fun with a mixture of theatre live with special multimedia effects with four Christie DS 10 k-m and seven projectors Christie LX1500.

Finally, the attraction Motion BoxIt opens soon, will offer a simulation which will provide a projector Christie WU12K-M.

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By • 11 Jun, 2013
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