The HT-SB60, Sharp HT-SB30 sound systems provide an immersive experience of audio and video on the large screen.

Sharp HT-SB60 en TV 60

Sharp Europe optimized the capabilities of its line of big screen TVs with the latest sound bar just presented. 2.1 model HT-SB60 is ideal for the more than 60 inch Aquos LED line, while the HT-SB30 is intended for 39 and 40-inch TVs.

The HT-SB60 produces a sound of 310 Watts (total RMS) powered by a two-way loudspeaker with a dome tweeter (total 160 watts RMS) front speaker and an external wireless active subwoofer (total 150 watts RMS). In addition, the last built-in decoder Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Sound ensures the high quality of audio.

"The new Sharp sound bar systems are ideal for those looking for a cinema experience without a very large audio system. When combined with a giant TV, as the last range AQUOS LED TV's big screens, the HT-SB60 will make viewers feel as if they were actually part of the action", explains Lissoni Alberico, Vice President of consumer electronics for Sharp Europe.

Sharp HT-SB60The HT-SB60 incorporates a 3D (ARC)-audio return channel via HDMI input, so viewers can enjoy a 3D sound real along with their AQUOS LED TV 3D. To improve further the quality of audio, 3D Arnis sound technology means that users can enjoy a 3D sound via conventional stereo speakers, converting existing audio 3D sound sources.

The 2.1 sound system with bluetooth SB30-HT is a good partner of the Sharp Aquos LED TV of 39 and 40 inch. Your two speakers generate sound of 40 watts RMS total, making a significant improvement in the quality of audio from any television.

Easy-to-use wireless, HT-SB60 and HT-SB30 models stand out due to its slim shape and elegant design and have flexible configurations, including wall mount, front of the TV and furniture inside. The volume is adjusted with the volume settings of the TV, remote control or the device itself.

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By • 12 Jun, 2013
• Section: Audio, Display

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