The European manufacturer of immersive Simulation Displays visualization solutions presented copper Curved curved screen in the framework of the military security and simulation ITEC 2013, contest held at the end of last may in Rome.

Simulation Displays ITEC 2013

SD copper Curved is a display completely immersive of low cost of Simulation Displays (SD), which combines a panoramic and hemispherical display with a projector, integrated in a small Dome, which provides a field of view of 150 degrees horizontal and vertically, in high resolution 66.

This display of desktop, for one or two users, integrates a projector professional 3D DLP of an only chip with high resolution (1.920 × 1.200 pixels) in 3D of ProjectionDesign (model F35 ace3d), and the VBS2 software, a requested opened for training and simulation in three-dimensional environment of Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

Simulation Displays chargeMade with a plastic Thermo-moldable and coated of aluminum, it screen is based with a frame rigid of steel for support a projector heavy, while is easy of transport and Mount for your use in multiple applications as simulation of flight or automotive, education or applications military, etc.

Simulation Displays shared their space at this event with the American company Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI), manufacturer of dome immersive 3D environments and display fabrics, jointly showing a portable system that can be installed in less than a day, three meters in diameter.

This immersive dome provides a field of view of 220 degrees in horizontal (FOV) and 90 in vertical, that is illuminated with six projectors Led FL35 ProjectionDesign (PD), each with WQXGA (2.560 × 1.600 pixels) resolution of resolution.

The scoop shown in the contest with this development was run with software of Scalable Display Technologies to self-calibrate several digital projectors with the monitor in all possible types of system, such as an imager, a scalable desktop, etc.

Simulation Displays ITEC 2013

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By • 12 Jun, 2013
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