The Lilin IPG1032ESX HD Box Camera 3 MP resolution provides crisp, clear images without motion blur, even in low light conditions.

candles IPG1032ESX

Lilin continues to focus its strategy on the development of IP video solutions and has completed its series of iMegapro cameras with IPG1032ESX model. A team Box 3-megapixel HD video stream up to 30 fps.

La cámara IPG1032 está diseñada con la tecnología de Lilin Sense Up+, que es capaz de mostrar vídeo con una gran nitidez, incluso en condiciones de poca luz. Esto unido a su procesador inteligente de imágenes AGC y la reducción 3D de ruido permiten imágenes de gran calidad, sin desenfoque en movimiento.

IPG1032 If the camera is linked to the standalone NVR and IP system Lilin, you get a good user experience at an affordable price. The installation system incorporating its configuration facilitates simple. WS Discovery locates all IP cameras located on your network and generates a snapshot of each video channel, which will help identifying and accelerating the implementation of IP video system.

The CMX Free software provided with the camera IPG1032 EPOS and offers features such as searching the database, allowing you to view, record and manage all recordings without incurring additional costs.

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By • 14 Jun, 2013
• Section: Security

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