TJ's Sport Garden restaurant and bar uses the Matrox Mura MPX cards to show sports events on a video wall consisting of 18 monitors.

Matrox Mura TJs Sports Garden VideoWall

TJ's Sports Garden has consolidated its position as the most important sports bar and restaurant in the region from the Ohio Valley with the unveiling of a mural of large-scale composite video by 18 monitors and video wall controller cards Matrox Mura MPX.

Located in Wheeling (West Virginia), TJ's Sports Garden is to captivate the attention of fans to the sport with the broadcasting of major sports events. Hitplaya comprehensive service, together with its partner AV Roalka Digital MediaThey were in charge of designing, building and implementing this big screen. And they did it by leveraging HDCP compatible with Mura MPX boards to capture cable and satellite.

For this, a video wall 18 screen of 55 inches was used each allowing a visual immersion 6 × 3, getting customers feel as if they were in the field.

Matrox Mura VideowallConsolidate its position

Since its opening in 1990, TJ´s has been considered as the main sports bar and restaurant in the Ohio Valley. TJ and Bonnie Radevski, owners recognize the importance of adapting to the changing needs of its customers. And with the aim of further strengthening their position, they decided to implement a wall screen large scale that complement televisions that were already installed.

The videowall installation had to do in a way that would allow the change of cable and satellite channels, at the time that would be intuitive enough to that it could be managed by any employee, and that they could control the mural and manage its digital and analog content.

The driving force behind the videowall is Mura MPX Series, which allows you to capture and display in digital, analog, and HDCP compliant (supplies), including three cable boxes and five satellite. In this way, customers can see various sporting events at the same time in different parts of the walls, while other events can be extended through the 18 screens with a resolution of up to 1080 p screen.

TJs Sports Garden videowallCreston 2-Series control system

TJ´s is an environment where the pace is very fast because customers are constantly asking to see different sporting events. To handle these demands, Hitplay opted for the integration of the control system Crestron 2-series to simplify the management of the mural.

The AV signature designed a custom, along with a set of preconfigured designs UI, so employees have access through an iPad.

All the configuration screen and video sequence commands are sent to the API of Mura Network, which, in turn, communicate in real time with the video screen. Employees also use the system/iPad to correspond with a Kramer audio switch and transmit the corresponding audio channels.

"As Integrator, surprised how easy and intuitive which was synchronized with the plates of Mura MPX Crestron control system. This allowed us to improve the customer's ability to interact with the system, said Rauch." Through the simplification of the control of the designs we have been able ensure that they handle the system themselves without resources".

An immersive environment

The video screen has improved the atmosphere in TJ´s. There has been a significant increase in the traffic of the restaurant, with an increase in particular in larger groups that dominate the areas closest to the platform powered by Mura MPX.

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By • 14 Jun, 2013
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