The range of audiovisual for the professional sector products and Smart Media Solutions and its subsidiary Evoko installation will be in the Spanish and Portuguese market through the Comm-Tec dealer.


From this same month, Comm-Tec responsible for the marketing of professional audiovisual products of the brand range Smart Media Solutions (SMS) and its subsidiary Evoko in the markets of Spain and Portugal.

Smart Media Solutions SMSSMS is one of the providers of global reference in stands of high quality displays and projectors, as well as other accessories for the sector of audiovisual communication, specialized mainly in professional installations in the sectors of education, business, points of sale, hotels, public spaces, etc.

For his part, Evoko Swedish brand is a subsidiary owned 100 percent to SMS, specializing in booking and management of meeting rooms (Evoko Room Manager) through a touch display and carefully designed.

Under the marketing agreement, SMS products belong to the Comm-Tec Installation Tools division, while the range of Evoko be distributed through the Comm-Tec Presentations division.

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By • 17 Jun, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Display, Business

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