Visitors to Mansfield Reformatory, a historic and cinematic prison Ohio (USA) can participate with their opinions, view 3D maps and know their history with interactive kiosks, style 'vintage' DRM Productions.

Mansfield Reformatory is a landmark in the history of the city of Ohio, in the Great Lakes region of the United States, and one of the biggest tourist attractions frequented by visitors, moviegoers (has appeared in four major Hollywood films like ' the Shawshank Redemption ') and researchers of paranormal environments around the world who want to explore this magnificent facility.

The center, which opened in 1886 as a prison for young offenders, is now a tourist-historical claim in which are also held educational tours and Guard Room which all types of events and business events are held.

The magnitude of this historic and cinematic building has led various tours and the need to install guidance systems, interactive digital signage, to also participate in the tour visitors are made, depending on the area you want to learn, through interactive kiosks the US firm DRM Productions with a design adapted (vintage) to the site characteristics.

DRM is responsible for producing and updating content for the eight interactive kiosks located at strategic points of the prison, where the history of it, of its officers and inmates shown; 3D maps for visitors to guide their way.

challenges met

While installing these kiosks and connectivity for transmitting images and content has not been easy, since the prison closed in 1990, and after making some reforms still had spaces that were "taken by animals, they had done their nests and dens and prevented the proper deployment of wiring or ate it "note from DRM.

To this seepage of moisture, dirt, lack of electrical outlets in many areas and the lack of air conditioning systems, among other difficulties, such as the sheer size of the building and a limited budget, who also facilitated the use it was added Internet for content distribution.

DMR option has been that each kiosk is managed independently from the rest to protect the electronics, ensure its operation and update faster.

Another challenge has been collecting images from prison and testimonies to enrich the content, since the list of guards and inmates who were there were small and were not likely to speak; in addition to the continuous changes that occurred in the building during the almost century it was open, with the correct uses of each room and space.

digital environment 'vintage'

Finally, these challenges have been solved very successfully even in the actual design of digital kiosk, which mimics that of an old radio in the early 20s and also responds to the environmental challenges of the aforementioned prison.

The large touch screens have with programming tailored for each specific location of the interactive kiosk in prison; with a menu easy to use for visitors, the content update is performed with a simple external USB connection and a flash drive.

Each of the interactive kiosks has an internal timer that turns off the computer or at the right time, and video content and data files are gradually updated as new stories are discovered prison.

En este sentido, la aportación de los visitantes que han tenido alguna relación con la prisión ha sido fundamental, ya que “hemos encontrado a abuelos, tíos o primos que han sido barberos, guardias, instructores e incluso reclusos o que tienen parentesco, lo que nos ha permitido añadir nuevos datos, imágenes, etc. que en un primer momento resultaron complicadas de conseguir”, apuntan los responsables de este proyecto.

Las ventajas de este proyecto han sido evidentes desde el primer día de su instalación, ya que antes los visitantes que no llevaban guía específico “vagaban por las instalaciones con poco sentido y no tenían conocimiento de la historia y los elementos clave de la prisión. Las grandes pantallas táctiles de cada kiosco mantienen el interés de los visitantes, que pueden dejar sus comentarios, con una mayor satisfacción en su recorrido”.

In addition to constant use of the kiosks, other data reflecting their success is sales of DVD with the content offered in these digital systems, which have increased significantly. This project won the DSE 2013 Apex Award bronze in the category of Arts, entertainment and recreation.

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By • 17 Jun, 2013
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