Dassault Systèmes uses the technology of ship to create a visual immersive 3D experience in the Executive Briefing Center in Waltham (Massachusetts).

Collaboration boat and Dassault Systems

Dassault Systèmes you have chosen the solution of immersive visualization of Boat and its system of collaboration to demonstrate the capabilities of its 3D platform and offer high-quality 3D content for designers, engineers, vendors and decision-making teams.

Applications of Dassault have been launched in their Executive Briefing Center in Waltham are 3DVIA for communication in 3D and training tools, Catia for design products, Simulia and Delmia for manufacturing and digital production, digital to explore, discover and optimize by performing a virtual simulation.

Boat had already made installation of a similar system in the corporate headquarters, the company has in Vélizy (France) and now, their collaboration has been extended to its headquarters in Massachusetts. United working to publicize the industry the importance of stereo 3D visualization and applications of collaboration, not only in the environment of engineering and design, but also applied to cultural and educational.

"Our new Centre demonstrates what you can do with 3D and great visual quality and fidelity offers," he says to the Bunshaft, senior Vice President of Dassault Systèmes America Corporation. "The new boat display system is an integral part in the immersion of our customers in a 3D environment where you can experience the real world situations, improve collaboration and design with best products and solutions for their end users."

Barco Galaxy NW12Stereo 3D projectors

This project has been implemented the concept boat Powerwall, a collaboration system multi-channel 3D visualization with a high density of pixels, which is offered from screens projectors.

Users can display multiple image sources simultaneously in extremely high resolution, in any combination of mono and 3D stereo, while the patented stereoscopic filtering boat offers optimal image quality, regardless of the type of screen used.

Dassault Systemes is using a modified version of powerwall Barco, called Cave Reconfigurable Display, which allows a system reconfiguration `cueva' a powerwall to improve its functionality in many applications.

Equipped with stereo Galaxy NW-12 Barco, the stereoscopic vision system offers high performance 3D images with 12,000 lumens of brightness and resolution WUXGA, and is easily controlled through familiar Windows desktop projectors. Integrating multi-projector is optimized through DynaColor Barco, allowing constant light output, smoothing edges and formability.

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By • 18 Jun, 2013
• Section: Business, Projection, Augmented reality, Simulation

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