In them streets of Barcelona is have installed some screens touch to them citizens enjoy of the last video clip of Mika, that promotes the brand of beers San Miguel.

Advertising San Miguel digital out of home

The name San Miguel beer brand has focused his summer campaign on music and advertising abroad. The centerpiece of all this strategy is a music video starring Mika and the used support are shelters equipped with touch screens that use digital signage to attract the attention of citizens.

In Barcelona nine screens have been installed in JCDecaux so that passersby can see the last videoclicp by Mika)Live your Life) and download the song. The soundtrack of this advertising spot can also listen through the San Miguel channel on Youtube and social networks.

This is a campaign that is been carried out by the agency specialized in Out of home Posterscope, through the Group and Aegis Media, and who wants to produce its impact both on the streets of the city and on the subway, in particular at Plaça Universitat station.

San Miguel advertising with digital signageThis metro station hall has served as stage to San Miguel perform his promotion with ads for its brand. And, in addition, also installed a headlamp emitting the video with ambient sound.

This is not the first time that this beer brand advertising uses outside to campaign, but in which music is included as protagonist element.

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By • 19 Jun, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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