AMX presented in the salon InfoComm 2013 their latest news in panels touch moderated, applications for rooms of meetings and improvements in their solutions of switching and transmission Enova.

AMX family moderated X

AMX went to the salon InfoComm 2013, that is welcome of the 8 to the 14 of June in the Orange County Convention Center of Orlando (USA), with a broad catalog of new panels touch moderated, applications that facilitate them processes in the rooms of meetings and improvements in them systems of switching Enova.

Touch panels moderated range has been extended with the addition of the S Series family, while the modern X line offers important improvements that are reflected in the G5 series.

AMX moderated X Series 21 inchModerated X line has been updated with more features and benefits in terms of power, functionality and speed that are reflected in the G5 series, consisting of eight models, with 20, 19, 10, and 7-inch screens. Each one is available in versions for mounting wall and tabletop.

Moderated X G5 panels are constructed with G5 graphic engine and quad-core processing. This provides gentle gestures, sliding, dynamic rearrangement and animation optimized with transitions.

These displays from AMX offer the option to update the touch panel from a URL of the internal network and equipped with a web browser and document viewers to simplify access and presentation of documents during the meetings.

Besides update the line moderated X, AMX also took advantage of his assistance to InfoComm to give to know your new family of panels touch moderated S Series. Computers that incorporate technologies such as VoIP, color depth of 24-bit, PoE, Bluetooth, USB and video streaming connectivity. The series is formed by six models, with screens of 10, 7 and 4.3 inches, each one of them available in version for mounting in wall and desktop.

These teams include graphics Powered by G4, that provide streaming video and brilliant 24-bit color depth

AMX EnzoEnzo optimizes the meeting rooms

Enzo is the new solution for meeting rooms which facilitates the presentation and exchange of information. It eliminates the problems associated with the recovery of the content needed for presentations, since they can be stored on a USB, in the cloud or on a Web page. The access to the information is instantaneous, as well as the Exchange and the Elimination of files.

Also, offers the advantage of being able incorporate control and automation connecting Enzo to a system of control AMX. And like other solutions of the ecosystem of the manufacturer, eliminates the costs associated with the maintenance of PCs, virus, updates to the operating system, access requirements or requests for access to the network by the guests.

AMX DXLink transmittersSwitching and connection

In the setting of switching, AMX has improved its solutions Enova DGX and DXLink, being now able to distribute video content safely without loss (including HDCP) up to a distance of 10 kilometers, what the ideal for Government and military installations, casinos, hospitals and educational campus.

Enova DGX 64 Digital Media Switcher systems offer greater distribution point to point for signal HDMI with HDCP complete, with the simplicity of analogue, without interruptions or restrictions on keys, thanks to InstaGate Pro technology. They also allow the distribution of analog audio/video, digital & IP over Cat5 or fiber. Turn any signal source and used SmartScale to ensure that each displays displays its native resolution as well as Routing IP, all from the same box. In addition, they allow any connected device is managed, supervised, or controlled.

Transmitters, receivers and cards DXLink Fiber, DGX Single Mode and Multimode compatible, allow the transmission of video CDP, including HDMI, up to a distance of 300 metres. They include video outputs that are automatically scaled for each connected display. In addition, they incorporate InstaGate Pro, allowing HDCP to be easily integrated into distribution systems designs


The new models Enova DVX open new possibilities as support remote from multiple points of connection in rooms of conferences, classrooms and rooms of meetings flexible. Newer Enova models, the DVX-3156HD, have four distant transport AMX DXLink inputs. These are suitable to support the Conference rooms and classrooms that require multiple remote connection points.

Incorporate four tickets DXLink, providing the majority of the options of transport to distance of any Presentation Switcher all-in-one, by what are perfect for rooms and spaces flexible.

With its HDMI / HDCP switching and simplicity of analog service distribution point to point of HDMI signals with full HDCP, with the simplicity of analog, without interruption or key constraints through the InstaGate Pro technology. Also they include switching matrix and SmartScale technology.

AMX Enova DGX 32Enova DGX-8 DGX-32

AMX has also incorporated improvements in Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher-8 and DGX-32 both include distribution point aa point HDCP HDMI signals with full and InstaGate Pro technology. The first includes NI embedded controller and Ethernet switch, while the GDX- 32 has embedded NetLinx controller.

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By • 21 Jun, 2013
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