Paris Descartes University and Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience BornToBeAlive develop. A virtual world where parents can interact and prepare for the day of delivery.

Born ToBeAlive

Born ToBeAlive It is a 3D simulation tool that helps expectant mothers prepare for the day of delivery. a virtual world where they answer all questions that may arise when that time comes is recreated. And for this, you will plunge into a stage where he will interact through an avatar.

This solution has been designed by the Paris Descartes University, Dassault Systèmes and 3Dexperience Company, in addition to the collaboration of medical laboratory teaching college fracesa iLumens.

Born ToBeAliveBornToBeAlive offers a realistic 3D experience for parents to familiarize themselves with the maternity ward and the delivery room, with the aim of better understanding of the machines and processes, how they work and how to be prepared for that day. Expectant mothers virtually perform the actions required during labor, and at each step interactive explanations will be offered to enrich their knowledge and reduce anxiety, shows them what awaits them that day.

BornToBeAlive includes an integrated healthcare professionals where they can share, discuss and ask questions about labor community.

Each year, more than 75 million births occur worldwide. Although childbirth is a happy event, you can wake up many questions and stress for expectant mothers. To answer these questions, along with the 3D simulation is available a community platform where doctors and midwives resolve the doubts.

"Thanks to the 3D simulation, it is possible to see what we could not see before and an interactive experience" said Frédéric Vacher, director of strategic marketing at Dassault Systèmes. "People are immersed in the scene, and make repeated gestures, and may be better prepared to reality."

Born ToBeAliveBornToBeAlive 3D experience is available in English and French and is the second in a series initiated by Staying Alive, a 3D experience aimed at improving awareness and provide first aid training.

This project, sponsored by GE Healthcare Group, Ferring Laboratories, Teleflex and the Paris Descartes Foundation; has been presented at the congress of the National College of gynecologists and obstetricians French (CNGOF), which provided scientific support in collaboration with the Perinatal Medical Society (SFMP). BornToBeAlive has also received support from PremUp Foundation.

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By • 21 Jun, 2013
• Section: Bless you, Simulation

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