Tactus is a platform digital developed for work with the mixer eMotion for SoundGrid of Waves.

Crest Audio Tactus

Tactus is a system that is managed and customize through its touch screen offering all the tools required to mix routing and processing. This device has been designed by Crest Audio to work with eMotion mixer for Waves SoundGrid, allowing the use of live events from the plug ins for processing audio created by Waves.

It hardware Tactus includes the unit Tactus.FOH, the core of processing of audio of the system, and the unit Tactus.Stage, a box of stage with 32 inputs and 16 outputs. It capacity modular of the system, that is interconnects through wiring Ethernet Gigabit standard and of a switch Gigabit internal, allows dispose of multiple configurations with regard to number of channels.

Tactus.FOH is managed by the processed-connection network Waves SoundGrid platform, which ensures a very low latency in audio precision processing. Combined with the eMotion mixer for Waves SoundGrid, it gives as a result a platform of mixture of high performance in terms of performance, audio quality and flexibility.

The Tactus.FOH unit provides 8 local inputs for mic/line and performs the functions of the audio signal processing engine.

The unit Tactus.Stage includes 32 inputs for microphone / line and 16 departures of line. Digitally controlled high-quality microphone preamps feature an input noise extremely low, a high speed of response, a very low THD and an adjustment range of 66 dB in 1 dB steps, allowing to maximize the dynamic range. A switch Ethernet Gigabit built-in facilitates the connection in network. It is also possible to mix and match input / output Tactus.Stage for a total of 64 stereo inputs and 32 outputs stereo.

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By • 24 Jun, 2013
• Section: Audio, Control

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