The new release of Dataton, Wiretag, allows users to connect to Watchpax Pickup and optimizes audio synchronization.

Watchpax y Wiretag de Dataton

The transponder Wiretag Dataton It allows users with Pickup connect directly to the audio program Watchpax and stay in perfect sync. In addition, the integration of Wiretag and Pickaup can be incorporated into existing audiovisual systems and associated hardware Watchout deployed.

“Wiretag permite la integración directa de un programa de Watchout con nuestro sistema de audioguía Pickup”, explica Lars Sandlund, director de Operaciones de Dataton. Sólo hay que hacer clic en Wiretag con una guía de audio Pickup y saltar directamente a la banda sonora en el lugar correcto del programa, independientemente del tiempo que haya pasado”.

For greater functionality with Watchpax, each Wiretag connects to Watchpax through a USB connection, without requiring an external power supply. The transponder can be placed on a screen or other visible unit supplied with self-adhesive pad. Pickup users may be eight meters Wiretag and still receive the audio perfectly.

Besides acting as a means of integration with programs Watchout, Wiretag also be used as an alternative to external power Microtag Dataton, for example, audio tours taking place in demanding environments physically or where access battery changes is limited.

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By • 25 Jun, 2013
• Section: Audio

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