Philips Signage Solutions has developed a new solution of IP communication for digital signage that allows you to stream content to screens from a central hub.

Philips Signage Solutions IP SignagePresented in the latest edition of InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, the new version of IPTV digital signage of Philips Public Signage Solutions It allows you to stream content to screens with IP address from a centralized hub instead of a connected Media Player.

This announcement from the company has meant a real revolution in the digital sector, since while manufacturers such as LG with its EzSign system or Samsung with its platform SoC showed the integration of a player of media embedded in the screen or in a chip, Philips has gone more far with the execution of contained in a server or in a PC that is sent to the network of screens through Internet or the intranet corporate.

Philips Signage Solutions IP signageAs points out Angad Chera, marketing communications strategist for MMDcompany that sells LCD monitors professionals with Philips brand, "in these developments is seen when the leadership of a company that is trying to introduce innovative elements in the market."

For now, Philips is positioning Signage IP in the market of digital signage of entry-level and middle, with screens with an operating level of 14/7, rather than high performance and 24/7.

Philips InfoComm 2013"The idea that there is with IP signaling is, for the moment, for systems of consumption IPTV, as the company own Smart TV - underlines Chera-. I think we are doing a different and better approach, leading the consumer technology and marketing innovation environment of digital signage".

The company also showed in his booth InfoComm 2013 LED displays for digital signage VL Series, presented earlier this year at the fair ISE 2013 in Amsterdam, as well as autoesteroscópicas 3D screens without glasses Ultra HD 4K, with an angle of vision of 150 degrees vertically and horizontally, one of the largest in the market today.

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By • 25 Jun, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals

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