For the new school of media studies at the University of Liverpool John Moores, it has been used communication platform matrix 5000 Artist and Performer system.

Liverpool John Moores University

University Liverpool John Moores in the UK (LJMU) use solutions Riedel Communications for new school building audiovisual studies Liverpool Screen School. The aim was to achieve a flexible and high quality in all its communications facilities. The installation includes the 5000 Artist intercom systems and Performer.

"The solutions offered Riedel intercom audio quality and versatility that require our facilities," says Kelly said Loughlin, head of TV Studio at Liverpool John Moores University. "The system we have installed Riedel is small but incredibly versatile and covers all our communication needs and sound quality is excellent."

The facilities of the Liverpool Screen School include two studies (a major TV studio and a smaller one for information) and four recording booths voice / audio, a radio studio equipped with guest room, control rooms, rooms editing and offices.

Sony en la Liverpool John Moores UniversityThe consultant Drama by Design was responsible for the design and specification of all technical systems were supplied and integrated by Sony Broadcast.

Meanwhile, Riedel provided support systems for communications between control centers of study Full-HD TV, the news, the technical office and the central hall. All this has been done with solutions Artist and Performer. Their combination provides high-quality audio, allowing the integration of both studies into one.

5000 Artist platform is a cost effective solution that provides full functionality for the distribution of analog and digital audio, as well as signals TCP / IP data. The system consists of a bus type fiber providing a decentralized infrastructure for your live audio and intercom applications network.

Riedel Artist 5000The Riedel Performer C22 interface converts two CAT5 matrix ports two-channel digital beltpack two phantom lines fed and vice versa. In this way, it allows integration of digital partylines LJMU with communication system matrix.

In addition, the interface can be used in any application where required to assign digital partylines through an AES digital audio infrastructure as Artist.

"When we did the specification of the Liverpool Screen Scholl did not know exactly how it works, but the flexibility of Riedel teams allowed us to customize the system and adapt it as part of the process," said Andy Stone, consultant Drama Design by Design. "The result was a system that responded to our needs. Given the success of this facility, we are now using the Riedel system in a series of similar projects. "

Sony equipment

Sony was commissioned to supply all the technical equipment of audiovisual studies. In the main implement three teams HXC-100, a system HD / SD camera with A / D conversion and 14-bit digital triaxial technology for wiring up to 1200 meters.

And for the production mixer was chosen by the DFS-900M, an affordable but capable of running HD / SD formats and 3D stereoscopic device.

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By • 25 Jun, 2013
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